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M5 | Light Carrier


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A new imperial hull, commissioned in AE240 by Legatus Hortensius [FleetHQ] after the fall of Reach, when the demise of the fortress world collapsed the Imperial front. The Empire had been fighting a defensive battle up to this point and a desperate century long counteroffensive was sprung to retake lost ground. The carrier class introduced a new paradigm of mobile warfare. Ships had to be capable of decade long deployments into the Abyss, and capable of manufacturing & servicing small craft. The light carrier was capable of providing air support beyond the capabilities of a cruiser of similar tonnage.

  • Comes with:
    • 1x bomber & 1x fighter
    • 2x 0.3mm steel wire
    • Turret M x1
    • Turret S x3
  • 10.4cm (4″) long
  • Paint & assembly required
  • 32mm stand not included

Wedge, Eagle, Fortress, Shielding Saint, Burning Book, Marder, Snowpiercer, Shunt, Bearded Axe, Grand, Legacy

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