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I used to consult in copyright and IP protection in the Far East for MPAA and luxury brands, before pivoting to Fintech for service planning and crime prevention as a project manager.

I’ve always loved ships, be they sailing or spacecraft. The ships you see here were all made by me – for me. This isn’t really a business, I would have gone the Star Wars route if it was about the money. This is an exercise to push my ability to design, manufacture, market and build a premium brand centred around quality products.

This isn’t to say I don’t appreciate your cash  and patronage. I am reinvesting 100% of proceeds into better equipment and branching out into decal and LED lighting kits. Again, I do this because I find it exciting – not because there is any demand for it.

When you order from me, you are affirming my design choices. And I in turn consider you a cultured person of great taste. Lets go on this journey together, come hang out with me and fellow like-minded people on Facebook and Discord.

A Few Words About

Our Design

There’s no hiding the fact that I was greatly inspired by Games Workshop’s Battlefleet Gothic series. My own design incorporates castle elements such as banners fluttering in the ‘space winds’ and diesel-punk inspired funnels and exhausts.

I don’t think anyone played this game for its’ realism.

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This website has very few pictures of actual printed models – and that is by design. You can see how the larger community has modified & painted our products on Facebook and Instagram.

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