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I used to consult in copyright and IP protection in the Far East for MPAA and luxury brands, before pivoting to Fintech for service planning and crime prevention as a project manager.

I launched this site in 2020 when I was between contracts. Little did I know that it would grow to this size and scale, but more than that, I was touched by the immense community support. I’ve always loved ships, be they sailing or spacecraft, and I was incredibly glad to find most of you enjoyed my re-interpretation of BFG. This is an exercise to push my ability to design, manufacture, market and build a premium brand centred around quality products.

Day-to-day operations are managed by my wife while I work my 9-to-5. Negotiations are underway to decentralize production around the world to save shipping costs thanks to Just-in-Time manufacturing that 3D printing affords.

A Few Words About

Our Design

There’s no hiding the fact that I was greatly inspired by Games Workshop’s Battlefleet Gothic series. My own design incorporates castle elements such as banners fluttering in the ‘space winds’ and diesel-punk inspired funnels and exhausts.

I don’t think anyone played this game for its realism.

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