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Free Tracked Shipping available on orders exceeding:
  • UK: £65+
  • Worldwide: £100+
    • Shipping takes 13~20 days
Shipping costs ( parcel – tracking):
  • UK:        £3.90
  • EU:        £10.25
  • USA:      £13.45
  • World:  £12.70
Shipping costs (L. Envelope – no tracking):
  • UK:       £1.90
  • EU:        £4.50
  • USA:     £4.50
  • World:  £4.50
The following items can be shipped in an envelope to save shipping cost.
Please do not add any large items for the discount to apply.
  • Ordnance,
  • Weapon Modules,
  • Prows,
  • Cruiser Parts,
  • Imperial Escort,
  • Light Cruiser

VAT is not included in the sales price. You will likely have to pay customs + handling fee.

Every country is different, but in Germany for example:

  • £50 – Item Cost
  • £10 – Shipping Cost
  • £11 – Customs (19% of Item + Shipping cost)
  • £6 – Customs Handling fee (flat fee of €6)
  • £77 – Total

It will take up to one week to  print your ships.
It most likely won’t take that long but ‘expectation management’.

Removing supports for printed parts can be a painstaking process, but there is no need to worry. 95% of the parts you receive will have their printed supports already removed.

Smaller ships are printed in one piece, but the larger ships are composed of multiple customisable parts. If you are unsure about the composition, please check the ‘Assembly Instructions’ you can find on the product page.

Most tracked parcels arrive within two weeks of dispatch, and its progress can be observed through the Royal Mail link attached to your completion email.

If you chose to ship using the cheaper untracked envelope services, this similarly takes two weeks to deliver, but please wait up to a month from the date of dispatch before contacting us. We can then open an investigation with Royal Mail. This investigation usually takes about a month, and 80% of the time, the lost parcel is found. If not, we can provide a refund or ship a new package at no extra expense to you.

Scroll down and submit a support ticket that you would like a refund.
Paypal processes refunds very fast, but credit card purchases may take a couple days.
Reply to order confirmation email from Battlefleet Galaxy with pictures of the item and box.
You will be asked to crush the model into 6 individual fragments or more.
We will issue a refund for the broken ship on proof of destruction.

I import resin from an overseas supplier. It is formulated with additives that increase impact resistance without sacrificing detail.

The only downside is that one of these additives, the plasticizer, has a tendency to make the model tacky even after it has been cleaned & cured. Please soak the model in detergent and air dry if you find this to be the case.

Yes, they are excellent display pieces, but great detail comes at a cost.
They are fragile compared to cast/molded models and bits will break off on sharp impacts (ie. knocked off a stand)
Watch me throw it down the stairs multiple times.
Using our custom resin doubles production cost – but it should now survive angry game nights.

I just want to cater to people who don’t have a 3D printer.

There are plenty of creators who have released great designs you can print at home today – like Italianmoose and SoulForge Studios  – check them out!

Free: Italian Moose on Thingiverse – I love his gothic design with stained glass windows and you should buy him a coffee.

Yes, all my photos can be used under a CC-BY-ND license.

As long as you attribute ‘©BattlefleetGalaxy’ on or below the picture you can use it commercially!

Free Shipping

UK: orders over £65
Worldwide: orders over £100

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