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M5 | Light Cruiser V2


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An imperial light cruiser modified with two storage modules. It is typically employed in deep thrusts into enemy territory, and their sensor profiles can be spoofed to imitate merchant vessels.

It is rumoured that the storage modules might in fact be torpedo launchers, each capable of launching a single salvo of 6 missiles. However no-one has been able to verify this rumour.

  • Paint & assembly required
  • 7.3cm (3″) in length
  • 32mm stand not included

Can be shipped in [Large Envelope]

Looking for the old version of the light cruiser? It is available under Naked Chassis


Weight 0.01 g

Anvil, Wedge, Eagle, Fortress, Shielding Saint, Burning Book, Marder, Snowpiercer, Shunt, Knight, Mech, Gunprow, Bearded Axe, Grand w/ adaptor (+£0.60), Legacy


Broadside L, Broadside S, Sponson L, Sponson S, Hangar, Flechette, Slimline Hex Broadside, Slimline Turret, Slimline Hangar, Slimline Barrage


Bridge M, Pre-imperial half bridge, Pegasus half bridge, Gun platform, Cyclops, Spinal Gun S, Richelieu Turret L, Yamato Turret L, Pipe Organ, Flakturm, Dome L, Heretic Symbol, Wolf, Tsar Bridge, Legacy

Side Armour

Gothic Plate, Armour Plate, Rudder S, Mk1 Turret S


Heretic, Twin Engine, Imperial Engine

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