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M6 | Imperial Escort Missile Frigate


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The Imperial missile frigate is a fast, lightly armoured warship equipped with two missile launchers as their primary armament. They are typically used to flank enemy positions and lay down a barrage of missiles.

Fleet R&D developed 3 variants of this ship class; the most celebrated of which was the Hangar variant. Admirals would often choose a squadron of these Hangar Missile Frigates over traditional carriers. They proved incredibly successful on short deployments where logistics and resupply weren’t as mission critical. However these variants were unpopular among the sailors who were assigned to them. Cramming a significant strike force within an already small ship chassis meant living quarters were claustrophobic and crew had to be frequently rotated out even after short deployments.

  • Comes with:
    • 2x Small Mk3 Turrets,
    • 1x SS size prow
    • 4cm of 0.3mm steel wire

  • 5cm (2″) in length
  • Paint & assembly required
  • Rigging ready
  • 32mm stand not included
  • Not compatible with Magnetized 32mm Flight Stand



✓ Gunprow, ✓ Mech, ✓ Snowpiercer, ✓ Knight, Wedge, Eagle, Fortress, Shielding Saint, Burning Book, Marder, Shunt


Broadside, Sponson, Sponson L, Hangar