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M1 | Dreadnought Upgrade Kit


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Kitbash Difficulty: ★★☆☆

The upgrade kit requires kitbashing technique, confidence and tools such as a nipper or dremel/grinder.
Follow the image instructions to turn your M2 | Grand Battleship into a Dreadnought.

Note: It is recommended you select slimline weapons when building the Grand Battleship or parts may not fit correctly

What is included in the Kit?

Heretic Weapons

[01] Hangar, [02] ICBM Launcher, [04] Plasma Turret, [06] Triple Broadside, [07] XL Sponson, [08] Flak Turret, [09] Octa Turret [09]

Imperial Weapons

Thick Sponson S, Thick Hangar, Thick Broadside, [SL] Quad Broadside, [SL] Hex Broadside, [SL] Twin Turret Bay, [SL] Hangar, [SL] Barrage Broadside

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