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M1 | Carrier Titan


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A ridiculous ship of ridiculous proportions. There is no tactical situation that demands a ship of this size. The Carrier Titan is the vanity brainchild of FleetHQ’s committe of ‘Forward Thinking’. They took everything that made the Small Carrier a success and scaled it up, with cost savings made in the propulsion department. This lumbering behemoth has become a financial drain in the war effort because it requires a permanent escort fleet to protect this big moving target.

  • Comes with:
    • 6x S Turrets,
    • 3x M Turrets,
    • 1x L Turrets,
    • 1x Statue,
    • Set of 3 fire control towers

  • 16cm (6..3″) in length
  • Paint & assembly required
  • Rigging ready
  • 60mm stand not included

Wedge, Eagle, Fortress, Shielding Saint, Burning Book, Marder, Snowpiercer, Shunt, Bearded Axe, Grand, Legacy


Lion, Eagle, Skull, Hooded Angel, Shield, Praying Angel, Beacon Angel, Lion Standing, Invigil, Wolf, Eye of Behelit, Heretic Symbol

Rear Icon

Plain, Heretic

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