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M5 | Engineering Corps Light Cruiser V2


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Engineering Corps Light Cruiser with gothic fortress modifications. Their role is to deliver vital public and military engineering services and reduce risks from disasters. Their missions include: Planning, designing, building, and operating shipyards, outposts and fortifications.

✓ I recommend the Slimline Weapon range unless you are going for the bulky look. Standard weapons are ~x3 wider, adding to the girth of the ship. Please check the product photos to make sure it is what you want.

  • Comes with:
    • 1x Medium Mk3 Turrets,
    • 2x Small Mk3 Turrets,
    • 1x S size prow
    • 2x weapon modules

  • 7.5cm (3″) in length
  • Paint & assembly required
  • Rigging ready
  • 32mm stand not included
Weight 0.008 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 2.5 cm

✓ Gunprow, ✓ Mech, ✓ Snowpiercer, ✓ Knight, Wedge, Eagle, Fortress, Shielding Saint, Burning Book, Marder, Shunt, Bearded Axe, Legacy, Grand, Anvil


Standard, Grand [+£2.00]


✓ SL Hex Broadside, ✓ SL Hangar, ✓ SL Twin Turret, ✓ SL Barrage, Broadside L, Broadside S, Sponson L, Sponson S, Hangar, Flechette

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