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Bridge and tower options for Heretic Cruisers and Battleships. Pre-Imperial and Pegasus bridges will not fit on Battleship tower platforms unless they are extensively modified. The standard Battleship tower platform is 0.8cm x 0.8cm wide. Please check additional information tab for Bridge/Tower sizes (unit: Centimetre)

30% discount for the scratchbuilders full package composed of x20 individual components

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Bridge Options

[00] Full Package, [01] Pre-Imperial Half Bridge, [02] Pre-Imperial Full Bridge, [03] Turret Platform x2, [04] Nagato, [05] Eagle Gun, [06] Flakturm Tower, [07] Dome M, [08] Pipe Organ, [09] Box Organ, [10] Brazier, [11] Spinal Gun S, [12] Pegasus Half-Bridge, [13] Pegasus Full Bridge, [14] Mech Tower, [15] Bridge M, [16] Spinal Gun M, [17] Chimera Bridge, [18] Asymmetric Crane Bridge, [19] Catapult x2, [20] Cyclops Full Bridge, [21] Tsar Bridge, [22] Legacy Bridge, [23] KGV

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