After-Sales Service



Forenote: I provide this service because I believe in the unique strength and toughness of the resin I use.

  • Did you drop your ship and break a spire or turret barrel?
  • Did your pet knock it off the display with a swish of the tail?
  • Can’t find the replacement part in store?
  • Tried scratch building and made a huge mistake?

Whatever the reason – I’ve got your back.

I only ask that you pay for shipping (£1.90 UK / £4.50 Worldwide) and you refrain from abusing the goodwill of this service.
Please leave a descriptive note on the checkout section of the parts you need. Or send me a picture on Facebook/Instagram

I may follow up by email and ask for photographs for the following reasons:

  • Your description of the replacement item was insufficient,
  • Improve my product by reinforcing the failure point in the next design iteration.

Disclaimer: ship chassis (main bodies) are excluded from this replacement service.

This product is for accidental damages.

If the product arrived damaged or doesn’t live up to your expectations please reach out for a free replacement/refund. The form can be found on the homepage below the FAQ.

Weight 0.002 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 2.5 cm