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Custom Builds



Section for clients to pay for both commissioned designs and prints.

Simple print commissions are done in the following fashion:

  1. Check the 3D file (STL) doesn’t have a non-commercial license (customer’s responsibility)
  2. Check the STL is properly sized (customer’s responsibility)
  3. Share the file with me through Thingiverse, Google Drive or Mega


  • £5 to generate supports for each individual component
  • To estimate the cost of printing a medium size prow, look for comparable items in the store to get an estimate. For example, medium prows are sold for £2.80 each. That is what it will cost you.
  • Prices are rounded up/down to the nearest £5 increment.
  • Minimum £10 order

Reach out to me on Instagram or Facebook for more information.

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